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Mimi’s come in all ages, sizes, shapes and originate from all different cultures. They are all alike but yet at the same time, they are all different. The name Mimi can be used for any female person in the family. Whether it be a mother, grandmother, sister, cousin or an aunt. The role this person plays in the family determines whether she earns the title of Mimi. Australian folklore describes a Mimi as a very magical being with having good intuition, and a mischievous spirit. On a more current note, the name Mimi comes from English and Italian origin and means “beloved”. The nickname for Mimi is Maria. Parents gravitate to the name Mimi because it is associated with elegance, brilliance and has a positive vibe.

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and the Mimi’s in your family cannot be overlooked and especially not forgotten. Beware that the name Mimi is greatly associated with Grandmother in this day and age. Both Mom’s and Grandmother’s seemingly think they have good reasons for their grandchildren being called novel names like Nanna, Nanny, G-Ma, Mimi, Grams or Grammie, etc. Could it be that the older, traditional names used in the past are now perceived as being outdated and associated with getting older and not so cool or hip any more. However, take note that that the name Mimi wins out and is the name currently that is traditionally handed down generation by generation.

This is my experience as to how Mimi became my name. I had no say-so in the matter and it really didn’t matter as I was long awaiting to be a grandmother. I speculate that very young children think the universe revolves around them and when they see their grandmother, they start yelling Meme, meaning themselves, or “hold me” and stretch their arms out to be held by their grandmother. In short, Meme was then transitioned into Mimi by the grandchild. What got my attention was my grandchild had no way of knowing that the nick name for Mimi was “Maria” …my middle name. Anyway, that is my story and I am sticking to it.
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Now for appreciation time! Regardless, in whatever capacity your Mimi serves in, she will love the fact that she has been remembered. Not necessarily appreciated, but remembered as being an integral part of her beloved family. For example, like sharing holidays, birthdays, sport games, award ceremonies, or just hanging out and telling stories with children or grandchildren. Listening to stories that are either good, bad or ugly; sometimes giving advice, sometimes not, and oh yes, learning from these stories. Learning to change roles as a leader or a follower. Trust, honesty, and always being there when needed is the legacy I want to leave to my family.

So…. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to send a unique remembrance to the unique Mimi of your choosing. Don’t forget that all Mimi’s are unique and special people who love being remembered by the people they love the most…. their family. The ball is in your court, so get creative and have fun in making this day a special one for your Mimi.

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