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My favorite Aunt growing up, Aunt Mary Lou, was the glamorous Aunt. I got to be the little girl she always wanted and received all the blessing (some may say “spoiling” <giggle>) that came with that. As I got older into adulthood, she became the aunt who introduced me to fancy restaurant, art, wineries, and exotic locations. I wanted to be like her in every way, and have passed that down to my nieces in the way my Auntie taught me.

Some of our fondest memories are that of being the “Favorite Aunt” or being that very Aunt to your “Favorite Niece or Nephew”. That relationship is very special because the “Special Aunt” became that for very beautify reasons… Either because they model what you strive for as an adult or they are just “quirky and unique” enough that you cannot ever imaging another person in the world taking the place. Remembering the day specifically that they found out they were going to be an aunt is a key signpost along the way.
Birth Announcement Auntie To Be Shirts
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What better way to start this beautiful relationship than to give a “Promoted to Auntie” shirt from the Shirts For a Cause collection. What better surprise and honor can it be to deliver this shirt to family members on the day of their new niece’s or nephew’s birth. Or even when you are first announcing a new “bundle of joy” into the world, how better to announce that than giving this shirt to those that are being “promoted”. See their mind race as they process what is happening and the resulting joy of realizing the memories and impact they will have. The connection this creates will mark the beginning of a beautiful and meaningful relationship.

The amazing memories of being an Aunt…being passed down generation to generation in this beautiful and poignant gift. What an amazing way to honor her and give them the opportunity to “show off” their new pride and joy and deliver many conversations and joy as they talk about their “promotion”.

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