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Being an aunt is a special opportunity and blessing. The connection between Aunt and niece/nephew is one of impact and joy. This relationship is unique as aunt will stand up for you when no one else will, and “test the waters” to new experiences and perspectives. Parents and Grandparents may cringe at this relationship, but that is exactly why the Aunt relationship is so special and different. This relationship creates amazing memories and what better to show this connection than the My Aunt is a bad influence collection by Shirts For a Cause.

Like many Aunties, my niece and I only have 9 years between us. This caused us, in many cases, to be more like sisters than aunt and niece. Weather is was “shopping sprees”, or “Too many sweats between meals”, or “Sneaking in a touch past curfew”, or memories are vivid and strong. No matter what, my niece could do no wrong in my eyes because when I look at her all I see is that 9-year little girl looking back at me. I may have not always been the best influence, but we were “2 peas in a pod” with not a care in the world. Was I always the best influence? Probably not, but we still remember those times after 30+ years and look back at them fondly.
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What better way to initiate this amazing relationship then a matching T-shirt combo for the Auntie (“Bad Influence”) and each Niece Nephew on their list (“My aunt is a bad influence”). The proud moments and conversation starters this deliver is priceless and truly makes it the gift “that keeps on giving”. Imagine giving this gift at a birthday for the Auntie to show off her newfound “impact, wearing these proudly at family get to-gethers. Or maybe you deliver the Aunt the shirt at the birth of her new niece/nephew as “knowing wink” to the memories that are yet to come. There are so many ways you can use this gift to commemorate the beginning or ongoing relationship of the Auntie to your family.

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