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Shirts for A Cause has many different tees that we take great pride in being high quality. We are always looking to see what customers are saying about the different clothing items that we sell. One of the items that we sell a lot of are Bella Canvas T Shirts for both men and women. We also sell the Gildan Brand for some of the hoodies that offer. Without a doubt these two are top sellers in the apparel and clothing industry.

But when we get reviews from our customers about the items that we sell to or for grandmothers, mimis, nanas and similar we are always very interested in the feedback. We want to consider ourselves as one of the top sellers of high quality Mimi t shirts, hoodies, gifts in general and to be honest anything apparel wise with regards to our mimi's everywhere.

For those of you that don't know Mimi is a southern term that is often used for grandma or grandmother. We love how many different terms for grandmas there are but having grown up in the south we do love some of the crazier sounding ones like Nana, Meemaw and so on.

So when designing a great shirt for mimis we decided to ask the question - what did they want on the shirt. One of the most popular answers was that they wanted to be able to add their grand children's names. They wanted the shirt customized with eah grand child's name. They also mentioned about a tee with how proud they were, hearts, happiness is being and similar t-shirts.

Below are a few of the most popular ad best sellers that you can buy for yourself or that you can buy your mimi or mom that is going to be a mimi (or already is).

You can find these shirts here

For those that were wanting to add their grand children's names we have several options but this is one of the best. We love the design and you can pick from several different color options. They are also available in plus sizes. You can add up to 8 different grand kids names. Contact us if there is anything special that you need to do with any of these orders as we are very flexible when it comes to all of our orders. We print them in house so changes can be easily made.

Click Here For The Custom Mimi Shirts With Grand Children's Names

It is important to note that all of these shirts sell very well but we figured we would list just a few here that do exceptionally well. We also sell the tees with the other names that we call grandma by as well as grandpa, papa, gigi and many others. So please check out our site for the best selling tees ever....well they are really good. lol

Here are few more:
Can't Forget Mimi Bear!!!!
My Mimi and I Got In Trouble Today Baby Onesie
Don't Make Me Call My Mimi Baby Romper and much more!

Remember that a portion of what we sell the t shirts and clothing items for go to help save animals lives. This is huge and yes it is making a big impact. Thanks so much for helping...but if you could not buy anything please take a second and do a blog, facebook or tweet, instagram post on our site and ask your friends and others out there to help. We are funding those amazing people out there on the front lines getting it done and making a difference!