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So everybody loves Willy Wonka but the truth is that the M and M's Candy story is similar. The Mars Company was started in the year 1911 by Frank Mars. He started it in Newark New Jersey. He worked it his lifetime and then got his son ready to take over near the time for him to retire and be done with the business. The only requirement that he had for his sonwas that he wanted him to learn a few things overseas that the father

When they were overseas they saw something that caught their attention. They saw a soldier eating what looked to be a very small pill looking candy. They called it smarties. It was mostly chocolate but on the outside was a candy shell. The one thing that he noticed was that the candy didn't melt even though it was really hot out. The soldiers bragged about how they were small and held up well and of course they loved them.

When he returned to the states he got a patent for that same candy and then looked for a partner that would help him to run the company to expand it. He wanted to do more that what his father was doing.

This was the very beginning of how the
M&M Candy was started. It was basically taken from an idea that they found overseas while in Great Britain.

Today in the USA there are many different stores that sell just the candy one of which is in Las Vegas and is a top seller and tourist attraction in the USA.

Without a doubt the candy is one of the best selling of all time but the commercials gave life to the candy creating the m and m characters. This is when the apparel started selling so well. Today the clothing including t shirts, bathing suits, hoodies, sweatshirts, and even baby onesies and clothes are a great gift.

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At Valentines Day you will often see couples wearing the red ones and at St Patty's day you will see him, her, couples, babies all wearing the green colored shirts and baby rompers.

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