Shirts For A Cause -
A great idea that is now starting to work. When we heard that selling just t shirt, just could save a dog's life it got our attention. Shirts For A Cause isn't just about dog shirts. It is about saving as many animals lives as we can. There are people out of on the front lines that are making a big impact to stop needless suffering and cruelty. They are rescuing the dogs and animals and showing them love. But the simple fact of the matter is that shelters are having to put dogs down because they don't have the money. The organizations and even just single people that visit the parking lots and find and helps these animals are running low on money. They are using their own, exhausting all of their resources.

What is there was a way that everybody and especially the animals could win. We think that there is! You are going to buy gifts, shirts, presents and similar items. These can be gifts for babies, aunts, nieces nephews, grandmas, and hundreds of more occasions. Shirts are the #1 selling item for Halloween and For Christmas and close at Christmas and the #2 wedding item for couples. Why not buy them from US or a company like us that will give back!

Here is our Instagram Page, Here is Our Facebook Page. Even if you don't buy a shirt please make sure to share these to friends. Sometimes just one person can make the biggest difference.

We offer some of the hottest selling shirts, pajamas, hoodies, sweatshirts and more on the market. We ship fast and offer free shipping on every single apparel item that we sell. We also offer expedited shipping. There is no minimum that you have to order to receive the FREE Shipping.

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We not donate to any political organizations

We are often asked if we are trying to be Ivory Ella or similar. We do have shirts that are similar but have paws instead but ultimately our goal is to sell as many tees as possible and this means that we also offer over 30 different categories of shirts for family, babies and much more. We do support organizations like the
ASPCA and similar but we believe that our role is very different. We feel that by helping those at a local levelwith direct donations we can make a direct impact to the community. We cut out the red tape and get right to the problem and the resolution by supplying those that are getting it done.

To date we have given 1000's and with your continued support we can make a serious dent in what most people can't do. Help us to save lives. If you do not want to buy please share our page and our mission on facebook and on instagram and twitter and help us help the doggies and other 4 legged friends. 4 Paws Apparel is a licensed Brand of Shirts For A